More Art Work!

Take a nature walk in the park! Find something you really like just like I did. Paint it!

2015 Hanna ART - 7

This is a view from my art summer camp! Find a nice statue or something else you like, then sketch, and last but not least color it in!

2015 Hanna ART - 6

This is a portrait of me with water hair, kiwi eyes and a cute pair of strawberry lips!

2015 Hanna ART - 5

I made me with my interests, where I live and what school I go to2015 Hanna ART - 4


I made a collage book with pictures inside! The front is the livelier one with the bright colors! The one with the darker colors is the back!

2015 Hanna ART - 3

I made a portfolio, I have all my art work in this home made master piece! By the way this is the back:)

2015 Hanna ART - 2

This is the front of my portfolio! It is basically the same, but not quite!

2015 Hanna ART - 1