More Art Work!

Take a nature walk in the park! Find something you really like just like I did. Paint it!

2015 Hanna ART - 7

This is a view from my art summer camp! Find a nice statue or something else you like, then sketch, and last but not least color it in!

2015 Hanna ART - 6

This is a portrait of me with water hair, kiwi eyes and a cute pair of strawberry lips!

2015 Hanna ART - 5

I made me with my interests, where I live and what school I go to2015 Hanna ART - 4


I made a collage book with pictures inside! The front is the livelier one with the bright colors! The one with the darker colors is the back!

2015 Hanna ART - 3

I made a portfolio, I have all my art work in this home made master piece! By the way this is the back:)

2015 Hanna ART - 2

This is the front of my portfolio! It is basically the same, but not quite!

2015 Hanna ART - 1

Amazing Art work!

This is the perfect thing to welcome a family member home from work or a trip!

DSC_7012 DSC_6998

Take a look at the back, it has a little darker colors but is still beautiful!



Buy some clay, and make a Santa Claus or something for the holidays or just a regular day!


Paint an animal or whatever you please, do it on brown paper and it will look like a famous artists artwork!


Tea cups and hamburgers in outer space! Art is all about creativity and you know that if you make a mistake, just dressed it up and make it better!


Hands being sucked up by hats! Its total chaos!

Beautiful suns, flowers and Sweden flags all in one! Could it be better?

Beautiful snow flakes always remind me of christmas! Why not make one of your own?